‘Voice it’ Tuesday : The dumb Kollywood Heroine

Note : A bit of an explanation for those alien to Kollywood. Tamil Cinema or Tamil Film Industry (South India) is popularly referred to as ‘Kollywood’. It is known to have a predominant male character usually Macho and unvanquishable and a contrasting trivial female lead character who is generally naive or might I put it ‘Beauty without brains’.

The picture I’m trying to paint here is not unfamiliar to the Kollywood audience. I’m sure you guys relate to it very well. I’m a big fan of Tamil movies and watch literally every movie that releases within the first few days of it’s screening . But the preposterous heroine with her ridiculous dialogues and absurd presence on screen disheartens me. She is a mere puppet to satisfy the unwritten rule that a Kollywood film must definitely have at least five songs (out of which two are shot in ‘irrelevant to the story’ locations – usually abroad) and which have to appear in annoying places to disrupt the flow of the story (That is ,if there is a story in the first place 😉 )!

The heroine is usually introduced with some extra effects ( wind blowing her hair/ seen on the reflection of a glass / an introductory song) for what I don’t understand – Seriously why this hype for a character who is going to brand herself as idiotic in the very next scene . The ‘God on Earth’ hero conveniently uses her stupidity to add value to his already exaggerated character !

The sad plight of these heroines makes me think ‘Is this how our men look at women in their lives’ or ‘Are they going to learn to categorize us as dumb-heads from these movies?’. The worst part is there is actually a huge acceptance to women playing such roles from not only Men but also Women !

Dear talented actresses – Why ? Why ? Why do you take up such roles ? Is that how the system works ? Is it the money ? Or are you hoping one day it’ll change and you wish to hang on until then !


‘Did You know’ Monday : The curse of Richard Parker !

An English vessel, the Mignonette, set off for Australia on July 5, 1884. On their way, the yacht was damaged in a heavy storm. The four-man crew was forced to retreat into their 13-foot lifeboat. Seven hundred miles from land and without any real food source, the men were slowly starving. The other men rationalized that they had wives and families and that the 16-year-old cabin boy, Richard Parker, was dying anyway. They killed him by slicing his throat with a penknife.

The three remaining crew members fed on Parker’s body and were later rescued!

What’s appalling about this is – Forty Six years before this ‘survival cannibalism’ happened Edgar Allen Poe , known for his dark stories and poems.In his novel, “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket” told the story of four sailors adrift at sea. One of the sailors suggests that they all draw lots to decide who will be sacrificed as food for the other three. The loser is the very sailor who came up with the idea, Richard Parker!

Was this just a crazy coincidence or did Poe also possess the ability to predict the future?


Richard Parker is actually the name of several seamen, both real and fictional, who have been shipwrecked throughout history. Noting these occurrences, writer Yann Martel named the shipwrecked tiger Richard Parker in his book “Life of Pi.”

Read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R_v_Dudley_and_Stephens

‘Anything under the Sun’ Sunday : Situation Comedy

Thanks to Chuck Lorre , Marta Kauffman and Bill Prady! The next best thing to hanging out with a gang of friends for a movie or dinner on a weekend, is sitting by yourself and watching a stream of ‘Sitcom’ episodes !!! Yes that’s how I kill my ‘have nothing else to do’ hours and it’s totally worth it . Whether it’s laughing out aloud or smiling smugly, it just makes my day better! The dialogue exchange , the beautifully crafted comedy , the delivery of the script – simply priceless . Wondering how the writers even come up with such mind blowing – one liners. It all started with ‘Friends’ , to be precise , Season 6, in college, and hasn’t stopped since.

When it comes to performance and script delivery ‘Sheldon Cooper’ in ‘Big Bang Theory’ is clearly the winner — BaZinga!. Barney Stinson , I would never watch ‘How I met your mother’ if they cut you out –Legen-waitforit-dary! Charlie and Jake in Two and a Half men — What a combo! Then there were stints of Modern Family, Gossip Girl and Seinfeld which also deliver admirable content and entertainment . The best part about American sitcoms is the subtle humor in contrast to what see in our movies here , which I truly relish .





Definitely not going to miss House MD – my one true love 😉 Though not in the genre of sitcoms , a medical drama with unlimited satirical humor . Gregory House , the lead character — the consistency in his cynical attitude across eight seasons is simply puzzling. The sarcasm and intelligence together , totally gets me ! Some quotes are definitely eligible to be engraved . I have spent up to 12 hours in a row engrossed with Dr. House and his team. Insanity, I admit !

” Somewhere out there is a tree, tirelessly producing oxygen so you can breathe. I think you owe it an apology.”

“If you talk to God , that’s religious .If God talks to you’re psychotic..”

– House

I can’t be impossible – I exist , I believe what you meant to say is – ‘I give up , he’s improbable’.”

– Sheldon Cooper


‘Flashback’ Friday : A Home like No other !

Sacred Heart Girls High School , popularly known as SHY is where I spent 10 beautiful years of my life . The colored dormitories, classrooms, library, laboratories, concert halls, play grounds, refectories,verandahs are all vivid in my head. The events which got our adrenaline gushing – School Fete, Inter House Dramatics, Prize night, Movies, Marchpasts, Recreation nights,Moonlight Dinner, Inter Class Rounders, Retreat Fete, SSGY culturals, Sunday Walks … And the people , the awesome Sisters ,Teachers ,Classmates,Seniors and close buddies ,nothing would be the same without them ..Proud to be a SHYite !ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

‘TitBit’ Thursday : Ten Rules for a Happy Marriage

This is my favorite set of pointers on how to co-exist with your partner. Practical tips which are actually not too difficult to follow. Don’t mistake me to be an expert in Relationship Management or that I’ve seen too much of marital life. None of the above – I saw this stuck on a friend’s wall and some of these tips did influence me. Hopefully does the same to you !Image

My Sentiments exactly …

My Sentiments exactly …

Kudos to the Blogger – James Shakespeare for voicing the inevitable!



First Nervous Post !!

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