‘Did you know’ Monday : The Legend of the Green Children – Fact or Fiction ?

ImageIn Woolpit, England in the 12th century, two unusual children appeared.They were said to have been found at the mouth of the old wolf pits. When first discovered they were both extremely frightened. They were a brother and a sister who spoke an unknown language which no one could comprehend. They ate only raw beans and refused anything else though they were starving, but their strangest attribute of all? They had green skin.

The boy was sickly and died shortly . The girl was baptized and began to acclimate to her new environment. She learned English and began eating other foods. When she could properly communicate, she explained that she and her brother came from St. Martin’s Land–an underground world where everyone is green.

She related the story of how they landed up there unexpectedly. She said they had come from a land where there is no sun, but light such as at our twilight all the time. She and her brother were following their flocks, when they chanced upon a cave. They entered it and heard the sound of bells and were so enchanted by the sweet music.They passed through and came into the bright sunlight of our world. They were blinded for a while and rooted to the spot by the sudden change in atmosphere and temperature. Eventually they were seen by the villagers

While there are accounts of these green children by more than one writer, it is unclear whether they actually existed and if they did, whether their story was true. Were they citizens from another world or were they just confused malnourished children? Perhaps we’ll never know.

Read More at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_children_of_Woolpit

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